Data Yuga : The era where Data Dictates


Symbiosis Infotech Campus, Hinjawadi Phase-1, Maharashtra 411057


23 November 2019 - Pune, MH.

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The modern world revolves around information and this data is vital to make all business and technological decisions. The current era is the age of data or the “Data Yuga”; in which everything is about data. It has sprouted the fields of Data Science and Data Analytics, both of which inspire innovation and open-minded thinking. Insights from data can be used to make informed decisions and build powerful systems and technologies like Smart robots, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence.

In this Yuga, everything that surrounds us is connected to a data inventory, and all the details of our lives are captured digitally. All the sectors in every walk of our lives have turned into raw information in the form of data. Every industry and even government organizations emphasize on the use of data and the cutting-edge technologies associated with it. It has many use cases which come in different forms. The most commonly used applications are in the fields of FinTech (Financial technology), Manufacturing, Public transport, E-commerce, Gaming and Healthcare. This Yuga is one of great abundance – an abundance of data, its analysis and of fast-paced business decisions. But how organizations choose to move forward in this Yuga will be key to their ultimate success or failure.

Instead of navigating around the internet, searching for data, there are tools which enable us to do the same. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, we can replicate human thinking onto a model and make it function the way we want. If we want to progress in this competitive world, it is important for us to stay up to date with the latest data technologies. As Human beings, we have been constantly evolving and so has our knowledge. Generations of knowledge have been stored in ancient texts such as the Vedas and in ancient relics which are still waiting to be deciphered and the knowledge within them hidden for the moment. Data Yuga has the potential to offer solutions which reduce computation times using quantum computing and artificial intelligence, empowering us to evolve even further.

Dattansh provides a platform to have an expert outlook into the fascinating world of data analytics. We invite you to come and be a part of this initiative to lead future professionals in the direction of change and evolution driven by data.

5 Speakers

We will be having 5 speakers

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The event will be 8 hours marathon

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The event will be live broadcasted.

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